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So! This guy ........... with us!!!!


With the cancellation of the Auckand Folk festival (boo!) we are looking forward to headlining at the Davies Bay Music Day with a very special guest joining us! This is a one day event, and will sort of be a day of acoustic, world and even some jazz! 29th Jan 2022.....Auckland. Now as it happens, a very good bass player currently from Raglan might also be making an appearance with us!!!!! Mr ..............Lott Larson! Get you tickets now! Details on our 'shows' page. 



We are playing all over NZ this year! Please take a look, come see us when we are in your town! Put it in your diary! And....

Lott Larson 2.jpg

And......Guess what1 You can now purchase our music on bandcamp. Did you know, that Bandcamp is a great way to support musicians as they are actually paid much better for their music than on other platforms! 

Lastly, if you enjoy our music, let us know! Your review could be posted on our website! 

Take is easy out there guys!  Be kind to each other! Ka kite! See you soon!