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We have given careful and lengthy consideration to all the covid related risks to our Beyond Shadow tour in the South Island this year. Also, in light of the Canterbury Folk Festival being cancelled due to covid, (where we were guests), we are deeply saddened to announce the cancellation our Beyond Shadow South Island 2022 tour. With Covid so prominent at the moment, paramount to this decision is the safety and health of our audience, folk whanau, our immediate whanau and ourselves.

We'd like to take this opportunity  to  extend a huge thanks to Cantebury folk festival and all our hosts for the opportunity of playing for their communities  and also for their huge, patience, understanding, flexibility and courtesy.

We are really disappointed to not be connecting in with our South Island folk whanau, but hope to see you in September as part of Arts on Tour. Thank you all for your dedication to our music! Remember to follow us on FB, Spotify and Bandcamp! Take it easy out there guys! Be kind to each other. Ka kite! See you soon.