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Music is a language which we can use to communicate about how we feel.

We can learn more about who we are, and our whakapapa, through playing music with others.

Even though we come from different backgrounds, we can come together to play music, as one in harmony and community.

Unity through Diversity
-Concerts in Schools series 1 


Across the Great Divide are offering select Wellington schools a concert as a new concept for a future project. 

The concert lasts about 45 – 50 minutes with a Q & A at the end, and includes clarsach (Scottish harp) guitar, dobro and film exploring the themes:

Music is a vehicle for communication and cultural understanding.


 We will offer some students a chance to join us on stage, for a bit of fun and we will have info to anyone wishing to learn music also. CDs may be available for sale on request.

Unity through Diversity is in conjunction with The Children's Music Centre.

Feedback from schools

Karen and Tony did really well to engage the children. They had a great sense of fun and the children really enjoyed the show. 

The show  was great, My kids were totally engaged. So good for them to see different instruments, interacted well with the students.


The show was fantastic. I feel really happy that our kids had the opportunity to see different instruments and styles of music from such passionate and talented performers.

The show was amazing! The kids were so engaged, especially at the beginning with the harp. I heard a lot of whispered oohs and aahs. They were totally enthralled by it. 

Loved the connection to communication, and how music can create a feeling i.e. with the movie beginning. 

The ‘time machine’ was also a good laugh!!  

I thought the kids were well engaged. Tony and Karen bounced off each other well and threaded their message of diversity naturally through the their musical journey and celebrated differences and the message of our different gifts can complement each other too.

I too thought that Tony and Karen did a lovely job and certainly kept everyone entertained. Particularly Tony and his Time Machine!!

My children were delighted to have played the instruments - especially those that stayed at the end for a turn on the harp! The student interaction was very memorable for them.

Unity by Diversity was a wonderful show. Karen and Tony are skilled musicians and were able to communicate their passion and love of music beautifully. The show was well-paced, exploring the links between film and music,  also showcasing different instruments and genres of  music. The students enjoyed the audience interactive sections, and the opportunity to accompany a song. I would highly recommend Across the Great Divide to any school.


Thank you again, we loved having you at Normandale School.

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