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Graham Reid - Elsewhere NZ

The real heart of this album lies in the superbly played ballads with their heart in a Celtic mist.

Delysse Glynn - Second Hand News NZ
"uplifting package of beautifully and subtly produced traditional and contemporary music."
Gerry Jones - Living Tradition
"With more than a nod to the feel of the Transatlantic Sessions, I liked the album and recommend it to all you dobro fans especially".
Pedro Santos - NZ Musician
"warm and evocative"

Andrew Bicknell - Wellington Bluegrass Society President

This album is par excellence! If anyone hasn't heard it, rest assured it is a recording masterpiece that I have played many times and enjoyed it equally each time. In addition, I haven't yet got to play it on random. Random meaning a measure to make a CD more interesting, by mixing up the playlist :)

Hamish Douglas Burgess - Maui Celtic Radio

Fantastic album. Love it. Airplay coming up.

Corinna Hewat - Artist, harp and vocal teacher, Scotland. 

 Really varied. Great arrangements too. Harp sounds beautiful. I love the fact it's (the harp)  not hidden behind - it's vibrant and very present. And lovely to see Mike Vass had some input too.

Sarah O'Brien  
I've just received and am listening to  ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE'.For anyone who wants to get in touch with their Celtic and / or Bohemian roots, with a tad of Americana in the mix... This CD does it. Musicianship is excellent, rhythm, focus and oozes soul and spirit. Every piece has feeling. Just a one in a million compilation, produced by such talented NZ Musicians.

Kat Worsfold 

They got a standing ovation, and I think that was a first for this (East Coast Bays Folk) club that has been running for about 30 years!

Beveryly Young - Fellow folk artist attending our East Coast Bays Concert

A well deserverd standing ovation. 

Brenda Shearer - Singer songwriter

Well they are in for a GREAT treat. You guys were "otherworldly" last night and no one has ever had a standing ovation after all our years of putting on house concerts. You guys have something really special going on.💖

Lisa Malones - Mangaroa school principal

You guys were just phenomenal! 

Annonomous concert attendee

Such soulful music by 3 soulful musicians.

Kim Webby

I thoroughly enjoyed it all. The unusual combination, variety of music and the expert musicianship of you all blew me away.  The three of you are all equals and listened and worked exceptionally well as individuals yet as one. This was a really refreshing mix! 

Paul Williams 

Across the Great Divide is World Class.

Fantastic musicianship and arrangements and a nice rapport with the audience. 

Sue Tehiini
loved it!🎵🎶💜
They are world class! Seriously good music!

Beatice - House concert host

 It was a heart warming experience , the kind of happening that fosters community.

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