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Across the Great Divide

An evocative and vibrant blend of contemporary and traditional music and songs

from Celtic and Americana origins featuring clarsach (Celtic harp) Resonator (dobro) and guitar creating an inspiring journey on  ‘uncommon ground’.

Across The Great Divide’ are New Zealand musicians Tony Burt and Karen Jones. Their musical backgrounds stem from differing paths. Karen with her Celtic roots, and many years of living, learning and playing in Edinburgh, developed a love and great respect for traditional folk music.  Tony’s repertoire of Americana folk and music composing stems from the love of the resonator lap steel as an expressive instrument, but also from exploring the world through film and music. Having studied from some of the best artisans of the dobro craft, he now incorporates the instrument into his production music and compositions.  


Together they have enjoyed the journey of bringing such diverse instruments and music styles together while exploring the unique expressions created by them. Whether it be from delicate harp and resonator combination paying tribute to traditional airs or Celtic alternate chordal guitar rhythms bringing a fresh approach to Americana style tunes, the combination reflects their love for the music.  

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Across the Great Divide comprehensive press kit. 

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